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January - Hello 2021!

 Not gonna lie, I always find emerging from my Christmas cocoon to be a challenge. But this year ....... dear God!😩      It had been a very strange time for the family. After months of having this thing hanging over us like an executioner's guillotine, we actually had  it! Having endured John's almost constant hysteria - his persistent worrying, obsessive disinfecting and pathological fear of the world and its residents - we had succumbed to the virus anyway. And most importantly of all, we had survived and come out the other side. Don't get me wrong, coronavirus isn't to be recommended. It wasn't pleasant. But like all those things in life that you manage to survive, there's always a plus side to be found. Apart from John FINALLY having to stop worrying about catching the bloody thing and accepting that the virus particles had actually outwitted him, I managed to lose a great deal of the weight that I'd piled on during the lockdown of 2020. This meant that
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At times like these, I REALLY wish I hadn't seen so many Horror/ Dystopian/ Zombie Apocalypse box sets on Netflix.       As recent news images started to flash onto our screens like the opening titles of 'Dawn of the Dead', my brain automatically fast-forwarded to those inevitable scenes just before the closing credits start to roll. I've read enough books and seen enough drama of this genre to know how it will end; with me probably having to engage in an unspeakable sex act with some gormless trolleyboy behind the 'Click and Collect', in exchange for a packet of Cream Crackers!      My hubby, who was full of big talk about 'self sufficiency' and home grown tomatoes a couple of weeks ago, is already rapidly losing the plot, so make no mistake about it -  when the shit hits the fan, it'll be down to me to do whatever I have to do for the family. Even if the selfish bastards don't particularly deserve it! With a bit of luck, we have a long way